Day 9 – Evening

We made it across Lake Victoria and headed for the 50 min drive to Isole. Sixtus was driving and he made record time. When we got to Isole they had already brought the drilling rig to the house and so all we had to do was eat (does this sound familiar) and pay the workers for the week. Who goes to Africa and gains weight? Answer: pilgrims from Loveland, CO.

The Drilling Team

Mathias, Francis and Joseph (the foreman of the drilling crew)

Deus, future environmental engineer-he knew I did not like that the candy wrappers were thrown on the ground so every time he saw me he would give me a handful of them

L-R Fr. John’s mother, Fr. John’s brother’s wife with Lilian (not crying), Fr. John’s brother Sylvester.

We left Isole and headed to Nyampande, to St. John the Apostle Parish where Fr. John, Lisa, Karen and Tony had spent the afternoon with the school children. The drive was cramped as we had 8 people, luggage for 6 and a paint compressor in a Land Cruiser (we gave Mathias, Francis and Joseph a ride back to Geita). In Nyampande, Salty was introduced to Philip, the student he and Theresa sponsor and was given art work for the refrigerator.

Anthony meets Halima Salumu , one of the two albinos Fr. Makonge takes care of because albinos are so mistreated by the culture.

Some of the school children including Philip and Halima present the four of us with shirts from the School.

After a few beers we head to Geita to be reunited with the rest of the crew. Another long day.

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