Day 18 – Sunday, January 28th – Last Day in Tanzania

The day started with the group, all 7 of us, taking a taxi to Mass. Fr. Salvatory, who met us at the airport when we landed two weeks ago, is studying for a law degree and he invited us to the parish where he is assisting while he is in school. This parish is only a little over a year old. Mass was very nice, Fr. John was the celebrant and gave the homily, and Mass ended with the group being introduced.

Fr. Salvatory and Fr. John

The group being introduced at the end of Mass

The parishioners including the choir

The girls that are discerning a call to religious life being presented

Karen with Karen

Fr. Ladislaus Kapinda (pastor), Fr. John and Fr. Salvatory Magangila

After Mass they fed us in the rectory

We then headed to Slipway, a shopping area next to the ocean. Everyone did a lot of shopping for souvenirs and gifts.

We then stopped at a supermarket. It was really interesting to see this modern store after all the small shops we had seen the past two weeks. It was weird as the parking lot was guarded by Maasai.

We then went to visit Thesesia Mmbando, the Regional Administrative Secretary for the Dar es Salaam Regional Commisioner’s Office. Her father lives in Aurora, CO. She has been very sick with a virus for the past few weeks.


Group picture with Theressa and her blind uncle Clement

We had a nice visit and of course we were fed wonderful food.

Theressa’s granddaughter who was as tough a sell as Lillian – Anthony, this is how it is done

We then went to the hotel and finished packing to go to the airport. We walked to the airport as Salty drove with the luggage. Our flight left Dar es Salaam at 11:55 PM. It was time to go home.

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