Still Building Better Friendships – Day 2 – 5 Feb

We began our day again at 6:00 am. We met Father John and Willy for breakfast. After breakfast we get in the vehicle and notice some school children are quite curious about Jacob and myself. That provides for that picture moment.

Taking a picture is serious business

Below is the entrance to the hotel we were staying at in Sangerema, the Lakeview Lodge. There no lake view though.

Upon arrival it was to continue with the oven and Jacob needed to build a dome. The first step is to mak a dome out of clay sand to hold up the clay cement mixture used to make the dome.

Many of our new friends were very curious as to what it was we were doing.

The next step is to start forming the clay cement mixture for making the dome.

Some still aren’t sure what this is supposed to be.

It’s a precise process wrapping the sand dome in clay.

While waiting for the dome to dry and cut the opening, our group prepares a concrete counter top.

The challenge is not cutting the opening too early and the wall collapsed or waiting too long and then needing a jackhammer.

Next is to model the clay for the opening

Fr John’s mother has been supervising some of the grandchildren and I am sure wondering what this dome is.

To support the entrance of the oven, we had to use a bucket.

The oven is almost complete. The bucket was remove after about an hour and a half. During that time we worked to finish showing how to do the concrete counter.

Below is the complete first concrete counter ever made in Isole.

We sat the counter on blocks so that when the time comes to move it, it is already off the ground.

Our presence attracted the attention of other who came to see what we were doing.

Below you see and Ariel view of the village. The structure at the far right in the first image is where we were working.

The above home with the blue roof is directly south of the above image.

We concluded our work and began a trek to go see our friend Father George at Christ the King

1 response to Still Building Better Friendships – Day 2 – 5 Feb

  1. Christine Crabtree says:

    What a great days work. Good job Jacob ! You all are going to want to come home to get some rest. You have 3 cute new friends. Quite an experience for them. How is all the information for the drill coming: the truck, customs, etc.z/


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