13 January – Mwanza – Geita

As you can imagine the morning came early. We had to leave FQ hotel at 4:00 am for our 6:00 am flight. Instead of a 4 hr nap it was likely no nap or only a couple of hours for most. By 3:50 everyone was in the lobby and we loaded two vehicles with our luggage and headed to the airport.

Clearing security is always interesting. There is so much help and the mountain of bags with zealous sky caps pushing the luggage through security can make it challenging to stay on top of. We had not been allowed to enter but the sky caps had already put our luggage through.

After security we had to proceed to the ticket counter and get them weighed and checked for our two hour flight.

As a group we flew on two different airlines. In the future we will all plan for Fast Jet vs Precision Air as the fees for extra bags ended up exceeding the fare for two one way tickets on Precision Air. We did get through security both times – entering to get our ticket and check our bags and then to get to the boarding gate. The flight es smooth and the Precision Air flight landed at 8:00.

Karibou (welcome) Mwanza. Time to collect our luggage and fortunately it all arrived with us this time.

We are greeted as we exit by two of the drivers from the Diocese of Geita, Willie and Augustine.

They are prepared for us with one vehicle for luggage and one for all of us. And we were able to get some sky caps to help as well.

After loading we are on our way to get part of our group Tanzanian SIM cards. This is an experience in and of itself. We start at a traditional store front.

Deacon Denny was taken to a more traditional Tanzanian cell phone shop, plastic table with a branded umbrella.

After a couple of hours, yes a couple of hours, we go to a Pizzeria for some nourishment.

with bellies full and really feeling tired, we are off to Geita and pile into the Toyota Landcruiser. Our next stop is to finalize plans for those going on safari.

After the approximate 45 minutes getting safari plans finalized, we get back in the vehicle to catch the Ferry. When you arrive at the ferry everyone but the driver must exit and walk through a gate.

There is a large covered waiting area that you wait at until you board the ferry. Then as vehicles are loaded the gates are opened and everyone walks to board the ferry.

The ferry ride is about 45 minutes and then we continue our three hour drive to Geita. There were plenty of heads nodding. We arrive at our hotel, Alphendo, and most looking forward to a shower and a nap before having dinner with Bishop Flavian.

6:45 arrives very quickly and the group heads to the Bishop’s house. It is a great conversation if the state of the church of Geita as well as the continued focus on growing the Catholic Church.

After some conversation, we got into the dining area to share a wonderful dinner prepared by the Sisters that have taken the role of caring for the house of the bishop.

After dinner we retire for some more conversation in the sitting room for more conversation.

Soon we will be retiring to our rooms.

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