14 Jan – Part I of III. The Day of the Lord – Geita

The day was to start with attendance at the Cathedral at 8:00 am. Willie, the Bishops driver, arrived at 7:25 to pick us up for 8:00 am mass.. We arrived at 7:35 at the Bishops house ten minutes later

Upon arrival, many of us, especially the Deacon were concerned about getting to Mass on time. The Bishop offered for us to have a cup of coffee, and I was more than happy to take advantage of a cup of coffee.


After coffee, and about 8:00 we work out way to the Cathedral

It is a short distance from the Bishop’s house and upon arrival at about 8:15, the 6:00 am mass hasn’t ended yet. The Bishop is greeted by many of the people while we are waiting to enter the Mass.

Interestingly, the biggest hint that mass is over is the exit by the choir. It is impossible to do them justice with words, so here they are:

We enter for the 8:00 am Mass at about 8:45. In Tanzania, it is not about the time, but the event.

The Deacon was put to work right away including being assigned delivering a homily in Swahili.

It was amazing to hear him deliver this homily in Swahili.

At the end if mass everyone was introduced and thanked for their presence.

After mass we were greeted by many people. Salty inquired whether we could go up inside on of the towers of the Cathedral. With the answer of yes, no time was wasted I taking advantage of going to the top.

This is a picture taken of the view of Geita from the tower.

We then returned to the Bishops house.

Upon arriving we were greeted by FrSulas and two young men from the minor seminary

We then discussed our schedule for the rest of the day which included a presentation of gifts, a trip to the orphanage and a tour of the Diocesan grounds. Continue to Pt. II for the rest of the story.

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