Day 5 – January 15th – Our Lady of Fatima – St Aloysius School

Lisa, Floyd, Karen and Tony joined Fr. Gerard at the school associated with Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Geita. They spent the day learning about parochial education in Tanzania.

The schools feed the children. Here the children in the primary school are eating porridge in their classroom.

Floyd tours the kitchens and tells sister that she is doing it wrong because the firemen do it. The one pot was full of beans and maize. One room feeds the primary school and the 2nd room is for the secondary school.

Older children sang to us and told us a bit about themselves and very warmly welcomed us to their school.

Some children stay at the school because they live far away while others commute (walk). Here is the school dorm room. Notice the 3decker beds. The dorm is fairly new along with another school building which they hope to use soon. They are also constructing a hall that they can use for a lunchroom and assemblies.

2 responses to Day 5 – January 15th – Our Lady of Fatima – St Aloysius School

  1. Jim Egan says:

    Anthony: Find a machine shop and have the coupleing made there. Right now your looking for a neddle in a haystack. Does not need to look exactly like the one that broke but must have an out side demension slightly (2mm) smaller than the inside demension of the drilling pipe. Have it made longer than the broke one and insure that the inside (Center) of the coupling has identical mating grooves to fit the drilling shaft and it is case hardened after fabrication in the shop.
    Jim Egan Council 3434 Loveland


    • geitaworks says:

      Thank yo Jim. Finding a machine show seems to be an similar challenge. We have the drill operator and I will be following up from home. Salty Galvis has made arrangements with the manufacturer to get the parts. We should have taken things with us. The way they made this is that it only has 3 inches of clearance. You will need to come along next time.


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