Day 11 – Sunday, January 21st – A Relatively Relaxing Day

Today was slow paced. Anthony left early in the morning to begin his journey home. The rest of us left the Lenny Hotel for 8:00 AM Mass which started at 8:30 AM (that was early for Africa). Bishop Flavian gave the homily in Swahili but the Archbishop gave a short talk at the end which Fr. John translated.

Then Lisa, Karen, Tony and Floyd went to meet with the choir after Mass. They spent about an hour sharing how the choirs work in each country. They are very impressed that Lisa does it all. Lisa also got hold a baby so she was happy.

Salty and Denny mistakenly decided to hand out rosaries. They were swarmed and barely got out alive. People are the same all over the world.

We returned to the Bishop’s residence for lunch. This included the Archbishop and his crew as they would not head out until later in the afternoon. Ginny, Suzy and the sisters (Zeno, Mary and Tarsisia) do such a wonderful job of preparing the food. We will miss their cooking.

Next stop was back to the orphanage so the Archbishop could meet the kids. Once again we were warmly greeted. Michale and Trisha had balls, coloring books and colored pencils and candy for the kids.

The children and staff at the orphange

Tabitha – A young lady that Jill and Jay spiritually adopted when they were in Tanzania a year ago.Tabitha with her gift and the sewing machine that Jill and Jay provided.

Fr. James demonstrating his soccer moves to the kids

George and Michael comparing heights – they had George translate for the kids and he did an amazing job. This is no easy feat since they learn the Queen’s English in school and we speak American.

The Archbishop with his namesake Samuel.

The Archbishop gives the children a blessing.

The Archbishop, Fr. James, Michael and Trisha left for Mwanza and a hotel before their flight. Karen and Tony went for a nap. Floyd, Lisa, Salty and Denny went to St. Aloysius school as Anthony had texted us that their well pump had failed. Fr. Gerald had received a price of 2,500,000tz to repair ($1250). Floyd tore the pump apart and got water so it had failed. We spoke with the electrician and after a lot of interpretation we found that the proposal was not right. The bishop stopped by and directed Fr. Gerald to get competitive prices so we tried to explain what he needed. We then discussed that we would pay for the repair. Our mission was complete, we provided well water for Tanzanians. God’s plan, not ours).

We returned to the bishop’s residence for dinner and Salty and Denny spent the night there as there was no room at the Lenny Hotel. It was an early night, about 11:00 PM.

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  1. Jill Stoffer says:

    Thanks to CHRISTINE CRABTREE and ELANORE RAJOTTE for their contributions toward the sewing machine for the orphanage. We all felt that it would be helpful for all of them. Thank you Jill Stoffer


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