Day 13 – Tuesday, January 23rd, Back to Mwanza

We ate breakfast at the Nsangano. The owner had been at the reception the previous night and had invited the priests to also join us. After breakfast we went back to the parish.

Reason we had to go to the parish- Fr. Bulala had a flat and needed someone to change it.

Roads in Nyarugusu (after rains)

We went back to Geita to say goodbye to the Bishop. He gave us a blessing and sent us on our way. He is such a gracious man.

Tabitha came to say goodbye as well.

Sr. Tarsisia

Sr. Mary

Bishop Flavian Kassala

We took two vehicles from Geita since we had all our luggage and we were beginning our journey home. We used the back road to go to Isole to say goodbye to Fr. John’s family.

Fr. John hugging his mother Coletha. This is not normal in their culture so we have been waiting for this for a long time.

Here is the gang at the site where we were drilling.

Lillian finally agreed to a picture(notice she is sound asleep)

As usual, we ate at Fr. John’s house. This time we had barbecue. Fr. Makonge brought the barbecue from Nyampande and had barbecued pork and goat. It was delicious. We loaded the Venturi to return it to Mincon in Mwanza and said our goodbyes and headed to Nyampande. Although Fr. Makonge was at Isole, we stopped into his parish to say goodbye.

We then headed to the ferry for one last crossing. We will miss the wait and the bugs.

This wait seem especially long although we only missed one ferry.

We finally got to Mwanza and to the hotel where the Foncannon’s, Briski’s and Salty were staying prior to their safari. We at dinner there and then Fr. John and Denny headed to the Victoria where we would spend the night.

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