Day 14 – Wednesday, January 24th, Mwanza

Fr. John and Denny spent the day together in Mwanza while the rest were on safari (See separate blog). After breakfast at the hotel they headed out. First stop was To meet Fr. Gerald to give him money to replace the pump at St. Aloysius school. After that was done, we headed to Mincon to return the Venturi and to thank them for their generosity and assistance. We then headed to Bujora where the Dimesse Sisters run a center called “Empowering Women Center.” They make vestments. Fr. John had seen a cleric the Fr. James Spahn has and wanted to see if he could get a similar one. Here is a sample of their work.

You’ll have to come to St. John the Evangelist to see what they got.

Our group included Augustine our driver, Alex who was driving the second vehicle we brought to town, Willy, who had brought the Bishop to Mwanza for a flight, Fr. John and Denny. We headed across town to go to Claude Academy. Fr. Felix Magobe’s family had started this school a few years ago for a very under served section of Mwanza.Their brother Claude had passed away leaving his wife and children a few days after receiving his Masters Degree and they wanted to honor him. Claude Academy is a primary school (Standard 2 – Standard 6) and there is currently no boarding. They continue to expand each year and currently have 205 students. It is open to all children but does have a Catholic bent. Fr.’s sister and brother run the academy. The welcome was very warm as usual and pictures were taken with all the classes.

Standard 2

Standard 6

The students then presented us with cake, the first sweets we had. They did this by dancing it to us

After a ceremonial rite of sharing the cake, we then presented the students with the last of our gifts and candy

We then said goodbye and headed to a nice restaurant in Mwanza for lunch



After lunch they dropped Denny at the hotel and left him alone in Mwanza. He responded by sleeping for 12 hours.

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