Day 16 – January 26th – Beer, Yeah!!!

Karen and Tony left Mwanza for Dar Es Salaam this morning to meet the young lady they sponsor through Compassion International.

Salty and Denny checked out of the Victoria and moved to the Maliaka with Lisa and Floyd. This is a very nice resort.

After lunch where some of us had a Tanzanian resorts version of a hamburger we were picked up by Ernest Nyororo (we had dinner at his house in Geita the previous Friday) and his daughter Coletha and they took us to the Tanzanian Brewing Co.’s Mwanza Brewery where Denny had scheduled a tour.

Tanzanian hamburger

We were given the tour by Damian Masanja who has worked there for 23 years and is an operations manager.


The tour was very enjoyable, except for Salty, who became very ill during it. The brewery is small but very clean and they do a very good job with safety. Tanzanian Brewing Company is owned by AB InBev and they have 4 breweries in Tanzania.


Packaging Line

Beers brewed by Tanzania Brewing Co.

After the tour we met the leadership team and then were invited for beers at the onsite pub

Marietha Mazula – Plant Manager

Baldini – Their best selling beer

After the tour we took Salty back to the hotel so he could sleep and then we went to dinner at David Daudi’s hotel ( David was also at the dinner the previous Friday and had invited us to dinner with him when we were in Mwanza). It was a nice meal and we got to know a lot of the extended family of Fr. Bulala (friends that are considered family).

ukirudi Tanzania niambieAbel DaudiEdson Nyororo – in medical

Coletha Nyororo is next to Lisa and Ernest Nyororo is behind Lisa and Floyd

David Daudi our host

It was another late night, after midnight, when we got back to our rooms. Tomorrow we begin our journey home. It is our last night in Mwanza.

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