Day 15 – Thursday, January 25th – Mwanza on My Own

The group was still on safari so I had the day to myself. It was raining so the morning was spent in the room. When it stopped I decided to walk to the Cathedral, about 1-1/2 miles. I wan’t to get a book from their bookstore. It was the daily readings with a reflection. When I got to the bookstore they only had it in Swahili. I bought some other gifts and then went to look at the Cathedral.

The Cathedral was locked and I could not get in so I went to the rectory and knocked. A man opened and let me in. It was Fr. Clement.

Mwanza Cathedral

Fr. Clement

Fr. Clement gave me a tour of the Cathedral Parish, fed me lunch along with Fr. Richard, Fr. Boniface and Fr. Andreas, the treasury general of the archdiocese. We went back to the bookstore and then to another religious store on the property and it had the book I desired. Fr. Clement, besides being an parochial vicar, also watched over the retired priests of the dioceses, did prison ministry and worked with the youth of the parish. We were going to the prison but they did not allow foreigners in. So we visited retired priests including one at the local Catholic hospital. It was a wonderful day.

Retired priest – Fr. Alex Mugonya – a resident at their retired priest apartments

St. Martin de Porres the church at the hospital.

The hospital complex.

When I got back to the Victoria I learned I would be joined by Salty because they did not have a room for him at the Maliaka. We had a great dinner with Anna being our waitress and Mr. Michael getting us cold beers. We called it a night early.

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