Tanzania 2020

On 30 January Jacob, my son, and I began a trip to the Catholic Diocese of Geita with the purpose of helping to develop an understanding of the requirements to operate a borehole machine and understand the rules for seeking a exemption for importing borehole machine that was manufactured by Rockbuster in Texas. We began our journey from Denver International Airport with a planned departure of 5:30. Unfortunately our flight was delayed an hour due to the need fo deicing. This delay along with over 30 minutes waiting at the gate in Frankfurt, caused us to use our connection. This added an additional 15 hours to our journey, but we made it safe.

Instead of arriving at 7:00 am on 1 Feb, we landed at 9:40 on 1 Feb. it was a long day. However we arrived safely and were grateful to connect with Fr Ludanha and see some old friends.

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