Building Better Friendships – Isole

The morning came early again but my faithful travel companion was up and and ready for our journey from St Peter the Apostle Parish in Nyarugusu to Geita for some materials, then another stop in Sangerema for cement, and then continue on to Isole.

Negotiating the deal
From Sengerema to Isole, the distance is about 20 miles, however due to road conditions because of the flooding, it was a one hour drive. Upon arrival we got to see some familiar faces and then get to work.

It was nice to see the three burner stove that was built almost three years ago were working well. Our goal this trip is to expand on that.

Below is the location of what will become the new village kitchen. As with any kitchen remodel project, you can expect that it will change.

The first thing we needed to do was to prepare the ground for a base floor.

After the floor is prepared to have the dirt replaced with concrete, we need to take a quick break and enjoy some fresh peanuts.

Then it is back to work. Jacobs project is a wood fired oven. He has been given the spot to locate it and then constructs it with the help of some new friends.

That made for an exhausting day. We then enjoyed dinner and returned to Sangerema very ready for a shower and bed.

1 response to Building Better Friendships – Isole

  1. Christine Crabtree says:

    Looks like a great day of work. Sleep well and rise with God’s sunshine.


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