Catholic Diocese of Geita – Welcome

We arrived last night1 Feb, 2020, and were welcomed by Fr. Mabula and treated to a nice dinner and conversation.  Sin

We arrived last night and were welcomed by Fr. Mabula and treated to a nice dinner and conversation.  Since the purpose of this visit was a learning opportunity, shouldn’t we start the day at 6″30 am mass at Queen the Peace School?

There are a number of friends who had the opportunity to see the bare land in 2017 when Bishop Flavian Kassala shared the vision of building a school on the diocesan property.  This is that school.  Queen of Peace.

Following Mass Jacob presented the school with a couple of soccer balls.  What is special about these soccer balls is they do not require air.

We then use a drone to capture some of the images of the campus as well as the students.  As you can imagine, this was quite fascinating to see.

Below are some of the dormitories and classrooms of Queen of Peace school

This image shows what has bee accomplished so far on the campus.

And if you have a drone, you certainly want to capture an image of the cathedral/

After having breakfast, we then went to tour the site of the new hospital the Diocese is building.  The two images below show the layout of the construction and what has been completed too date. The Diocese of Geita is the primary source of healthcare and already has a hospital in Sangerema, built a hospital in Geita that it allowed the Government of Tanzania to take over and now they are building a second one.


When we returned to the Bishops residence we took the opportunity to capture the aeriel image of this residence

After having some lunch we took the opportunity to go to the Vocation Training Center.  There are a group that visited and did some training in the area of sewing.  When you have gifts to share it is amazing what can grow from sharing those gifts.  Below we are walking in on the tailoring program.

OF course we had to take the opportunity for Jacob to pose for a picture with some of the students not studying at the moment.  (I think they were distracted)

The Vocation Training Center has grown from less than 200 student only a few short years ago to over 600.  The Diocese of Geita has partnered with the Government of Tanzania and is providing training in areas of Carpentry, Auto Mechanics, Masonry, Plumbing, Electricity, Informational Technology and Tailoring.

Below is a birds eye view of Our Lady of Fatima that is undergoing the construction of a new Rectory and Church.  There is a theme of building.

We ended our day traveling to the parish of Fr Matthew Bulala.

Tomorrow we will get some supplies and go to Isole, the village of Fr John Ludanha and buibui build  prepare to build an oven.

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