Day 5 – Christ the King Parish – Nyantakubwa

Again our day started at 5:15.  Matthew was the first one up and ready.  He had been given a reading book to read the days reading and he was further preparing for his reflection.  We all arrived at ass a little early and actually were able to join the student toward the front of the church.  Today’s mass was in English and both Matthew and Tiana were to play a part. Tiana did the first reading and after an introductionRead more

Day 4 – Christ the King – Nyantakubwa

Our morning started at 5:30 AM with mass at 6 AM. Tiana and Tatyna were moving quite slow. Matthew was awake when I knocked on the door, however shared he fell back asleep and missed mass.    After mass, we returned to the rectory to have breakfast at 7:20. Morning seems to come a little early.  Chiapati, boiled chicken in broth, some prepared vegetables were breakfast today.  The program for this day was for the three teenagers to join the students in aRead more

Day 3 – Dar Es Dalaam to Christ the King

The morning came early however Tiana, Tatyna and Matthew were all ready by 5;00 am.  I was the slow riser, not getting ready to rise until 5:10 am (I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 am as I tried to get some work done. We left the FQ hotel to go catch a flight from Dar Es Salaam to Mwanza (1 1/2 hour flight) on the local airline, Fast Jet.  A year ago this carrier used turbo prop planes.Read more

Day 1 – 2 Our Teenage Pilgrims head to Tanzania

Another journey to the wonderful country of Tanzania.  This time the party includes, Tiana Cisneros, age 17, sporting blonde hair, Tatyna Cisneros age 14, sporting purple hair, Matthew Dennis, age 17, sporting his blonde hair and their embedded reporter, Anthony Cisneros, age withheld and sporting what hair he still has left. The journey starts in Loveland with what has become referred to as Tanzanian express.  How much luggage full of gifts can you take. Our route was from Denver toRead more