Maintaining Friendships – Christ the King – Nyantakubwa

After we departed Isole and gave some gifts, we hurried back to the hotel to freshen up to have dinner with Fr George at Christ the King in Nyantakubwa. It was getting late and we wanted to capture some images with the drone of the grounds before it got dark. The below image is of the church. With all of the rain, everything was quite lush. Another great image of the church. This image almost captures a large portion ofRead more

Still Building Better Friendships – Day 2 – 5 Feb

We began our day again at 6:00 am. We met Father John and Willy for breakfast. After breakfast we get in the vehicle and notice some school children are quite curious about Jacob and myself. That provides for that picture moment. Below is the entrance to the hotel we were staying at in Sangerema, the Lakeview Lodge. There no lake view though. Upon arrival it was to continue with the oven and Jacob needed to build a dome. The firstRead more

Building Better Friendships – Isole

The morning came early again but my faithful travel companion was up and and ready for our journey from St Peter the Apostle Parish in Nyarugusu to Geita for some materials, then another stop in Sangerema for cement, and then continue on to Isole. It was nice to see the three burner stove that was built almost three years ago were working well. Our goal this trip is to expand on that. Below is the location of what will becomeRead more

Catholic Diocese of Geita – Welcome

We arrived last night1 Feb, 2020, and were welcomed by Fr. Mabula and treated to a nice dinner and conversation.  Sin We arrived last night and were welcomed by Fr. Mabula and treated to a nice dinner and conversation.  Since the purpose of this visit was a learning opportunity, shouldn’t we start the day at 6″30 am mass at Queen the Peace School? There are a number of friends who had the opportunity to see the bare land in 2017Read more

6:00 am Mass, Old Friends and the best Barbeque Pork

After a journey that lasted 41 hours vs 26, being committed to our mission, we began with mass at 6:00 AM. Jacob, was around and ready to go before 4:00 am. I was worried I would have to wake him up. We then went for breakfast and headed out to catch the ferry. The plan today was to see St John the Apostle. Jacob drew the attention of those we encountered and made new friends with some Maasai that wereRead more

Tanzania 2020

On 30 January Jacob, my son, and I began a trip to the Catholic Diocese of Geita with the purpose of helping to develop an understanding of the requirements to operate a borehole machine and understand the rules for seeking a exemption for importing borehole machine that was manufactured by Rockbuster in Texas. We began our journey from Denver International Airport with a planned departure of 5:30. Unfortunately our flight was delayed an hour due to the need fo deicing.Read more