Day 12 – July 6 – Balatogwa – Isole

We began the day at around 8:00.  We ended up staying at a “new” hotel in Sangerema, the View Park Lodge.  It had great air conditioning and hot water and I believe it was 35,000 TSH/ night – $15.00. We had to pick up some supplies before heading out to Father Matthews home to build a stove and then to Isole.  It was going to be a full day.  My day got off to a rocky start as I wasRead more

Day 6 – The Road to Geita

Today we will travel to Geita, to the Diocese and have dinner with Bishop Kassala. I rose early, 4:30, so it appears that I am back on my normal sleep schedule.  It has been warm so I decided to go for a walk and take advantage of the cool air.  I was amazed to see the students arriving at their classroom at 5:00 a.m. for a study session before reporting to mass at 6:00 a.m.  I have learned that theRead more