Day 12 – July 6 – Balatogwa – Isole

We began the day at around 8:00.  We ended up staying at a “new” hotel in Sangerema, the View Park Lodge.  It had great air conditioning and hot water and I believe it was 35,000 TSH/ night – $15.00. We had to pick up some supplies before heading out to Father Matthews home to build a stove and then to Isole.  It was going to be a full day.  My day got off to a rocky start as I wasRead more

Day 11 – 5 – A Funeral and Nyampande

Our morning started at 7:30.  We got to sleep in.  Actually, I did not wake up until 7:10.  We met for breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  Matthew and Tatyna were delighted that they had Cocoa pebbles.  Since we were not being picked up until 10:00, we had decided to try and do some early shopping with some airport.  During our first trip I had met Edward and he was still there.  And as soon as they knew we were shopping, they wereRead more

Day 10 – July 4 – Final Vows

        Today we began early, at 6:30.  Fr. Makonge, who was taking us, started even earlier, holding mass at 5:30.  Our journey would take us about 3 hours to Mwahoba to see Brother Simeo Sahani take his final vows. Traffic was a challenge with the President coming to town.  There was only one ferry running.  Fr. Makonge had reached out to a friend so that they would call when it was time for us to arrive.  WeRead more

Day 9 – July 3 Geita- Sangerema

You can see from above where part of this day took us.  We checked out of the Lenny hotel and met at Fr. Matthew’s office to outline the busy day.  We had a stop at the orphanage, sewing center, lunch with the bishop, travel back to Natakubwa, then to Sengerema, then to Nyampande.  And to do this we were starting after 10:00?  By now the group is getting tired so we decided to start our day a little later. WeRead more

Day 8 – The Day of the Lord – Geita – Sangerema

Today waking up and seeing Taty with her normal smile was pure joy.   It was a great way to the start of the day.  Today we were off to mass at 8:00 which, since there was a mass at 6:00, we were being picked up at the hotel at almost 8:00. We arrived at the Cathedral at a couple of minutes before 8:00 and there was still another 20 minutes of mass from the 6:00 am mass before we entered.  TheRead more

Day 7 – Geita and A Trip to the Doctor

Today started out quite different.  Tatyna was in severe pain which required that we take her to the Diocese hospital in Sangerema to see a physician, Sr. Marie Jose Voeten, a sister working in the diocese from Holland.  Meanwhile, the Bishop made arrangements for Tiana and Matthew to hang out with Father Paul.  The quick details as to Tatyna, she is doing much better. We travelled to Sangerema, about an hour away and Sr. Marie was expecting us.  Tatyna wasRead more

Day 5 – Christ the King Parish – Nyantakubwa

Again our day started at 5:15.  Matthew was the first one up and ready.  He had been given a reading book to read the days reading and he was further preparing for his reflection.  We all arrived at ass a little early and actually were able to join the student toward the front of the church.  Today’s mass was in English and both Matthew and Tiana were to play a part. Tiana did the first reading and after an introductionRead more

Day 4 – Christ the King – Nyantakubwa

Our morning started at 5:30 AM with mass at 6 AM. Tiana and Tatyna were moving quite slow. Matthew was awake when I knocked on the door, however shared he fell back asleep and missed mass.    After mass, we returned to the rectory to have breakfast at 7:20. Morning seems to come a little early.  Chiapati, boiled chicken in broth, some prepared vegetables were breakfast today.  The program for this day was for the three teenagers to join the students in aRead more

Day 3 – Dar Es Dalaam to Christ the King

The morning came early however Tiana, Tatyna and Matthew were all ready by 5;00 am.  I was the slow riser, not getting ready to rise until 5:10 am (I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00 am as I tried to get some work done. We left the FQ hotel to go catch a flight from Dar Es Salaam to Mwanza (1 1/2 hour flight) on the local airline, Fast Jet.  A year ago this carrier used turbo prop planes.Read more